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Eligh Miller-Polivka

Hello, my name is Eligh! born in Portland, Oregon. I am a very passionate forager, i enjoy sharing knowledge,
I like to put a spin on popular dishes and creating new dishes, using foraged foods.
i hunt, fish, raise many different kinds of animals, and have a wide variety of ways of getting my own food.
i very much enjoy plant, tree, mushroom identification and there uses for food, beverage and medicine.
follow along! as i create dishes using all of the things that grow outside your door.

Fried Lambsquarters

Among the most common edible plants in North America, you will find this beauty! Chenopodium album is known as many names around the world including, white goosefoot, and wild quinoa. Easy to find and use, you will have endless recipes to prepare with it. For a quick video helping identify this plant, click HERE! For …

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Potato Cakes made with the Wild Onion, will keep you waiting for spring to come. Potato Cakes are an old timey treat, but, these potato cakes are made with a North American treat! The wild onion, native to nearly every state in the united states, can be eaten raw or cooked and has a strong …

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