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Little Old Me!

Hello everyone, my name is Eligh, and I love to forage!

From when I was quite young, I would go pick Chanterelles with my father in the forests of western Oregon. After I had became of age, I moved to the Oregon coast. On the coast, I grew an absolute obsession with learning to live off the land, I began by learning to identifying every plant, tree, and mushroom that I saw, and remembering their uses.

Cooking has been my passion from a very young age. Watching my parents cook delicious meals every night, sparked a desire to watch every cooking show I could watch on television, and reading recipes on the internet. Cooking for my friends was always necessary as I could make food with whatever was around. I began working at restaurants at 17, and have worked every level of the restaurant industry, including the chef of a popular Jamaican restaurant in Tulsa, Ok, and sous chef of a wonderful bistro on the Oregon coast.

I have a beautiful wife and she is my best friend. We work very hard raising our 3 young boys, who are learning so much everyday! Foraging wild fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms is truly our favorite past time, though we do many things. Hunting, fishing, foraging, gardening, and raising animals on our homestead is just a short list of things we love to do. And we are thankful that you stopped by our place to see what we are doing today! Can’t wait to see you again.