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Bok Choy Soup

Bok Choy soup is a quick and delicious soup! It is highly nutritious, hydrating, and quite versatile. Just a few ingredients and it will taste like you entered a gentle sit down, in the heart of china. The natural look of the whole leaves of the Bok Choy will no doubt let you and your …

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Ice Cream Affogato Recipe

Ice Cream Affogato is a perfect dessert! But it is one that you might only want to eat before you go out on the town rather than right before you go to bed. In Italian, Affogato means drowned, which it is in more ways than one. Not only is it your favorite ice cream drowned …

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Simple Elk Recipe

Elk made simple, is the way to go if you are just a beginner at cooking wild game, or just trying to make a tried and true elk recipe at home. The best part about this elk recipe is that it is quick, tender, and so delicious! Serve with homemade native North American wild rice, …

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Wild Rice with Lambsquarters

Wild Rice with Lambsquarters is a dish that is easy to make, taste’s like a scoop of heaven and is absolutely packed with nutrition! Throw it all in your rice cooker, or instant pot and you will have a perfect side dish that’s good for any occasion. This recipe takes about the same amount of …

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Blueberries and Cream Recipe

Oh, Blueberries N’ Cream! How I love Blueberries N’ Cream! This dish is one of those simple dishes that just, make you want to keep eating and eating. The explosion of flavor from the delicious blueberries, mixed with the Sinfully sweet combination of heavy whipping cream and sugar, will keep you waiting for blueberry season …

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Best Fresh Caught Bream Recipe

Fried Bream is the way to go when it comes to a food that is readily available and sustainable. Bream like Bluegill, Green sunfish, and Redear sunfish are some of the most delicious freshwater fish! The appealing look of the whole fish mixed with that crunchy exterior with flaky and moist flesh underneath, is surely …

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Wild Foraged Garlic Powder

Garlic Powder made with wild garlic aka wild onion, Allium canadense, is a flavor packed seasoning! To make your own seasonings, is to have culinary freedom. Making your own seasoning may take less time than going to the grocery store, and contains far more flavor, and nutritional benefit, than does its store bought counterpart. If …

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Skillet Fried Curry Carrots

Curry carrots is a very simple dish, but is one of the absolute best carrot recipes you could ever ask for. Tropical flavors like coconut oil, and curry, pair with the sweetness of sautéed, caramelized carrots in the most perfect way. Having trouble getting children to eat carrots? Try this one. They wont be able …

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Fried Lambsquarters

Among the most common edible plants in North America, you will find this beauty! Chenopodium album is known as many names around the world including, white goosefoot, and wild quinoa. Easy to find and use, you will have endless recipes to prepare with it. For a quick video helping identify this plant, click HERE! For …

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